About us

the basic idea of habiTAT – this is about acting in a capitalist system and how to abuse its methods

habiTAT has transferred the structures of the German “Mietshäuser Syndikat” into the legal framing in Austria. The main target of our network is to realize self-managed and solidary housing project initiatives as well as to support existing projects. Self-management means for us that the residents organize themselves in their own house. Nobody needs landlords who have not at all any relationship to their property beside squeezing any possible kind of financial benefit for themselves out of it. The model of habiTAT is appropriate to break the unquestioned dependency ratio of house owner and a tenant – because it`s actually a combination of both. Living space of the activists themselves is for long term and the legal framing of the concept grants a written refusal to any further real estate speculation in the future. The focus of solidarity is most essential in the habiTAT-idea and another major aspect of it. Every person – apart from social status and equity – is to be given equal participation and equal rights – NO privilegies for anyone. To join a housing initiative there is no obligation to come up with personal savings. Rents are fair because all payments from the residents and users are to be taken for immediate issues in terms of the housing project itsself.

A self-managed and solidary home collective is suitable to balance social inequalities without incurring hierarchies within the inner decision trees. By creating property of many, property is taken away from each.

Say Goodbye to real estate speculation, precarious tenancies and endless rent increases!!

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